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Sat, 03 Mar 2007

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Posted 14:59


Jack Kelley (Kelly)
You have a newspaper clipping that talks about Jack.My question is could you find out anything else on him? Also I would like to say that he did not only break his arm, but he broke his neck and died 5 yrs later crash photo was taken could you please find it..
Posted by Jammie

Hey Jammie, I'll see if I can find anything eles on him. There are also several historians that check Carolina Race Place often, so maybe one of them can help. Is he a relative of yours, or can you give us any additional information about him ? Jack
Posted by Jack Walker

Jack,, I have quite a bit of stuff from Asheville and H i ckory from 66 through 71 a lot of old articles a n d old pictures from newspapers and old racing n e wspapers with a lot of Ingram, Pressley, Lowe G a nt, Sheppard, and Houston. W o uld you be interested in any of that and what w o uld be the best way for me to post that. T h ank you for the Roy Trantham picture on randy A y ers site.? ?
Posted by paul woody

Jack Kelley (Kelly)
He is a relative of my brother-in-law...all I know is that he was a stock car driver and was in a bad wreck in october of 1955 and died 5 years later from that accident...He was married and had children and grandkids....Other then that you will have to let me know what you need...I have a little more info and his family...
Posted by Jammie

Very nice site
Check ours out and you will find alot of useful info as well.

Jack Kelly (Kelley)
I just thought that I would check in to see if you found anything else out....I found out that Jack Kelley was a amature in stock car racing when he had his accident....Please let me know if you found anything else
Posted by Jammie

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