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Mon, 04 Jul 2011

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old photo
do you have any old photo from fayetteville motor speedway in the late 70's if you have how do i get to them

Marion Cox b/w #50
Gentlemen, Regarding the 1959/1960 seasons at Rambi: Did Dink Widenhouse drive his #B29 often at Rambi, or did he mostly pilot the Cox's #50? What model year would the black and white coach be...1937, 38, 39, or 1940 Ford? Was there a year model coach that car builders preferred? I see the pic of him driving the #50 in 1963 at Rambi, but I'm especially interested in the 59/60 seasons. Thanks... PS - I need to meet up with Mr. Williamson (and Jack) to get the Little River film footage to him

Rocky - Most of what I cover here on CRP is the 50's, 60's, and very early 70's. Try searching at Local Race Chat ( )for late 70's info on Fayetteville. ......Jack
Posted by Jack

Steve - Dink drove the White/Blue/Red #B-29 at Coastal Speedway in MB in 1955-56-57. He also raced it at Rambi up until 1962 when he got the Marion Cox ride after Bunk Moore was supended from Nascar..... Jack
Posted by Jack

Jack, Do you have any idea who would have driven the Marion Cox black/white #50 coach during the summer of 1960 and what year model it was? I'm very interested because my dad (when I was 4 years old) put me in the car while it was parked on the front stretch after a victory and I clung to the roll bar as the driver drove it across the apron into the pits. A vivid memory for me even though the driver never said a word to me. Thanks for all your answers! Steve

Steve - I don't "remember" the Black 50 before 1962. Marion Cox sometimes took 2 or 3 cars to the track, but I remember them as all being red/white before 1962. Could your Dad have put you in the Black 50 in 1962? Check out the 1962 shot I have of the Black 50 with Marion driving the car back to the pits with a kid in the car hanging on to the roll bars.
Posted by Jack

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