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Thu, 02 Jun 2011

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Posted 03:46


Photos of Emmitt Hare (may be listed as Emmett Hare)
Somehow I ran across a photo of Emmitt Hare posing with his red and white car (the photo was b&w), and then have not been able to relocate it. He was my uncle, and his son lives in Smithfield, NC. I would love to be able to obtain a copy of that photo, if at all possible. Thanks, Linda Woodard

1960's Photos Eastern SC drivers
I would love to see pics of these following cars that raced in Northeastern SC in the 60's: Hop Holmes Lonnie Todd Danny Smith Glen Williamson HP Larrimore Lee Edwards Billy Hardee JD Pridgen etc...

1950's/ 60's Modifieds
On some modified coupes and coaches in the 1950's and early 60's, I see that the passenger door was cut or scooped out to a degree. Also, the rear window was cut out and enlarged. Was this a safety/vision/escape route for the driver in case of roll over or a larger opening for equipment storeage for towing purposes?

Steve, I've got one shot of Shallotte's Glen Williamson already on the site, and I have a Hop Holmes photo I'll try to add this weekend........Jack
Posted by Jack

The Modified # 50
Marion Cox had many drivers in the 50's and 60's. Would there have been a primary driver for the Black and White # 50 modified coach at Rambi Raceway in the 1959 and 1960 season?

Black and White # 50
Dink Widenhouse was "the man" in the Black and White # 50.........Jack
Posted by Jack

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