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Fri, 01 Mar 2013

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Posted 09:52


Maurice George
Looking for some information about a little man in stature called "madman" Maurice George, my father knew him and we saw him race many times at GPS for years.....

South Boston Speedway Race Results/ July 6 1963
In the 10 pit photos there is a race result pertaining to a race run at South Boston Speedway in VA on July 6 1963. It shows Bob Neal finished 13th.I know that was my daddy even though it did not tell where Bob Neal was From. My daddy would fill out the entry forms in his name because he did not know who would be driving for him on race day. My daddy had no education and only knew how to spell his name, I am guessing that's why he did not fill in where he lived. More than likely former Nascar driver Earl Brooks was the driver that day, Or it could have even been Wendell Scott, For he drove for my dad some even though he had moved up to the Grand Nationals level. The car # would have been 42, A plymouth coupe. Just my luck not to have Gretna, VA listed beside his name on the race results. Signed his son Herb Reese Neal Jr.

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