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Tue, 31 Jul 2012

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Posted 22:27


Speedway Park pictures
Those are some great pictures. I most likey was in the stands with my father. Needless to say that track is long gone. Lee Roy lived just behind the track with his mother. I lived about five miles form the speedway. Here are a few facts, at least to the best of my memory. The 29 was a car built by Speedy Spears and dirven by "Wild" Willie Carter. Back in those days David Ezell brought two cars to the track. A black 16 and one painted white. He would run in both heat races. Which ever car ran best is the one he would race in the feature, which paid $130 if he won. $90 if someone else was the winner. David drove for the track owner. He drove often on the old beach course at Daytona but had little interest in the 2.5 speedway. The car behind the #9 was #2by4, was driven for the most part by Herb Spivey. Spivey was killed at the track in 1967 in a late model sportman. Behind Spivey is a red #60 driven by Jimmy Capps, who also ran a few times in the Daytona 500. Hope you have more to post!!
Posted by Bill Falls

Speedway Park pictures
Bill Falls, Thanks for your comments. I'll up date those photos tomorrow.
Posted by Jack

Flynn #14
Sure looks like the kid to the left of the one sucking his thumb is me!! I would have been 10 at the time. Those were to great drivers. Flynn's #14 was a pretty blue & white.
Posted by Bill

Great "Wild Wille Carter" photo
On the local level many considered him the best ever to come from JAX. But he started a family early in life and had to "work" for a living, leaving racing to just a hobby. Even as late as 1963 you can see these cars were built "light". Not very safe. Just check out the (lack of) roll bars. Still cool cars. Huge steering wheel.
Posted by Bill

Don't remember "Little Zero"
But I do remember "Half Pint", if anyone ever finds a picture of that one. Back when I was a kid I though all of those car bodies were 1932 Fords. But it looks like the 1934 model was very popular, as well as many others.
Posted by Bill

Thanks Bill !!!
Bill - Thanks for your comments. Do you have any programs, or news clippings from Jacksonville, Savannah, or Waycross ? I got to visit with Speedy Spiers a couple of years ago at his shop on San Pablo Rd. He's a pretty neat guy, and knows a bunch of stories.
Posted by Jack

wish I did. My neighbor was a car builder in that era. I watched those car take shape in his back yard. But I was just a kid so all I have in memories.
Posted by Bill

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